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At Back in Balance Yoga, we offer a variety of classes including accessible yoga classes and fitness-style yoga classes.

What is accessible yoga? Have you ever felt out of place in a yoga or fitness class? We work hard to ensure that every student is completely comfortable and finds the yoga that works for them. No matter your age, weight, mobility, or capabilities, we will help you find the asanas (yoga poses) that are best for your body. We encourage the use of modifications and props with EVERY student and encourage a calm, relaxing, and non-judgmental atmosphere. 

If you're looking for more of a fitness-style yoga class, we offer BUTI Yoga and DEEP Yoga classes. While these classes do assist in a healthier lifestyle,  we heavily encourage body love/acceptance and knowing you can be fit at any size. With both of these classes, you will be motivated to accept and love your body as it is right now, while working towards goals for the future. We offer a safe space with ZERO judgement allowed, where you can learn to fall in love with yourself, and feel freer in your daily life. 

We also offer more traditional-style classes such as Vinyasa flow and Hatha.

Find the best fit for you by checking out all the classes we offer!

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