Yoga Strong is a class designed for stretching and strengthening to help with overall health, fitness, and to counteract daily activities. Led by 500RYT and Yoga Therapist Jessica Mayberry, this hour-long class will spend time stretching the whole body, but will also focus on strengthening one area of the body (for example neck and shoulders or low back). There will also be time spent with breathwork (Pranayama), relaxation and stress-relieving techniques, and meditation. Start 2019 off right; your future self will thank you! Class is $10, though classes passes are available. Monthly unlimited passes and class punch passes can be used for this class. Students will need to get up and down from the floor several times during the class, though chairs are available and encouraged for assisting in this movement.


Mon 5:30pm, Thurs 6:45pm, Jessica

Chair-Assisted Yoga

Tues 5:30pm, Jessica

a 30-minute chair assisted yoga class. If you have limited mobility or trouble getting up and down, like in a typical yoga class, this may be the class for you. The class will be guided in the use of chairs and other props to assist you into yoga poses and stretches. This class will be low intensity with lots of modifications offered. Only $5 per class! 


Tues 6:10pm, Jessica

Yoga MOVES is a movement-based class focusing on stamina; strength; and, of course, mobility. This is a 75-90 minute class focused on range of motion (especially in the hips, shoulders, and spine) by moving not just in a linear fashion but through the sagittal, frontal, and transverse planes of motion. We will circle our hips, shoulders, and joints in order to mobilize them in a safe way. We will also strengthen the muscles to reduce pressure on the joints and better align our posture.
This class will be intense, but resting and props are encouraged. There will also be self massage using techniques to access the nadis (or meridians in Chinese medicine like acupressure) for an even better healing experience. The class will conclude with a relaxing pose (Savasana) followed by a short seated meditation.
Come unwind and release tension, free the joints, and strengthen the muscles in order to relax and better enjoy daily life.
This class is guided by Jessica Mayberry, Yoga Therapist and 500 hour yoga instructor. Students will be required to get up and down from the floor multiple times, though chairs are available to help with the transition, if desired.
Class will meet every Tuesday evening at 6:10. If you do not have a mat, no problem; the studio has plenty. Class is $10 and is included in all class passes.
You can sign up and reserve your space using the ticket link. Please, message us on Facebook or call/text 256-405-9226 with any questions.

Yin & Flow

Wed 6:00AM, Jessica

The first 20-25 minutes of this class will be Yin yoga, and the last 15 minutes will be Flow to wake up the body. Beginner friendly and beyond.
*You MUST register for this class EACH WEEK. If no one is registered, class will be cancelled without notice.* (To register, click the button below. Once redirected, click "Get Up & Flow" on the right, then follow sign-up instructions.)

Yin Yoga

Thurs 6:45pm, Jessica

Yin yoga a slow, passive style yoga class. Within the hour, we will go through only a few poses, but will hold them for several minutes each in a way to access the Indian Nadis, or Meridians in Chinese Medicine. Learn to relax and find stillness as your body releases and becomes more flexible with time. This class is for any level and is appropriate for anyone that can be on the floor in poses for the duration of class, only getting up once the class is over. Props are encouraged for comfort while still finding your edge. 

Friday Night Restorative Yoga

Friday 5:30pm, Becky

*Please register for this event; space is limited!*
An opportunity to unwind and disconnect for a while, Restorative Yoga is a very gentle yoga consisting of only a few poses with complete support from props. The sequence will typically include gentle twists and relaxing poses--often on the floor--using bolsters, blocks, and blankets for ultimate comfort and rest. Wear your comfiest clothes and bring your pillows, eye covers, and blankets (especially if you get cold easily) for this 90-minute class. Limited spaces available, so please registering using the ticket link.
This class is $15.
Class must be paid in full before your space is reserved. Must give at least 24 hours notice for cancellation in order to receive money back. This makes it fair to those on the waiting list.
**This class will be included for pass-holders for now. Subject to change. If you are a pass holder, please let Jessica or Becky know or message/call/text to reserve your space**

Sunday Unwind

Sundays, 2:00pm, Becky

Join us for getting a jump on clearing your mind with Sunday Unwind. What better way to get hoppy for the upcoming week? Join Becky, 200RYT, and enjoy a rejuvenating yet relaxing yoga session.

Yoga Nidra

(Guided Sleep)

2nd and 4th Sundays, 3:15pm, Becky

Yoga Nidra, or Yogic Sleep, is a guided meditation meant to take the practitioner's body into a deep sleep while maintaining consciousness. We will begin the class with very gentle asana (yoga poses) to prepare the body for relaxation, then the students will lie on the ground with the assistance and comfort of props, while the teacher guides them through different scenarios to encourage the students into a deep sleep state. This class can help reduce stress and anxiety as well as help those with insomnia or other sleeping disorders. Please join Becky Kunkel as she guides you through this deeply relaxing practice. This is a perfect way to end your week! Class is $10 and is included with monthly passes!
*Students should be able to lie still on the padded floor and mat for 30-45 minutes.
**Registration is encouraged but not required. Space is limited.